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      Greek Artists

      Discover contemporary Greek artists. With prints, drawings and paintings on offer, our online gallery showcases a range of art from the dynamic art scene in modern day Greece.

      An artist who captures the vibrant feel of modern-day Greece is Stella Kapezanou. Stella’s saturated use of colour, paired with her warm and characterful subjects, make for observant reflections of everyday scenes. Her paintings capture a clear sense of atmosphere through their depth and composition. However Stella’s scenes that initially appear so buoyant and frivolous are really arresting portrayals of complex social-political issues, offering stark commentaries on the western way of living.

      Greek artist, [Alexandros Antonidas] (https://www.riseart.com/artist/alexandros-antoniadis) also uses colour and a light-hearted tone to comment on the issues of modern life. Creating fictional scenes of poverty intertwined with luxury, of the tension between tradition and innovation, Alexandros highlights the irony and subtle hypocrisies of the contemporary world. He approaches the surreal with a realist style that makes for a collection of drawings that are both haunting and fantastical.

      At the forefront of the Greek urban art scene is the interdisciplinary artist, Alexandros Simopoulos. Alexandros monochromatic abstract depictions of figures are symbolic meditations on humanity’s relationship and detachment from the natural world. Having held solo shows in London, Athens, Mexico and Spain and work in private and public collections across the world, Alexandros’s unique visual style has earned him international success.

      Contemporary Greek Artists

      Greece is arguably most famous for its rich and enduring history in Classical art, ranging from its monumental temples to its ethereal marble Hellenistic sculptures. But what people don’t recognise is Greece’s vibrant contemporary art scene. The cultural resurgence of the country’s capital has resulted in the swift rise of Greek artists making their way to the forefront of contemporary art. The newly ignited energy of the city is making Athens a hotspot for artists and makers alike. From open studios, art-zines and art walks to commercial galleries and landmark public art, the traditional creative character of the city has been reimagined into something entirely new and ground-breaking.

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