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Marko Markovic

Marko Marković (born 1984) is a contemporary Serbian sculptor whose abstract sculptures explore ideas around history, archeology and architecture. Marko has developed his own unique artistic language through his geometric and mixed-media designs, creating work that is at once undefinable and yet highly insightful. He studied at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and has since had solo exhibitions at galleries and museums across Serbia and Austria.

Marko’s Artistic Approach

One of the main themes in Marko’s sculptures and abstract drawings is the genesis of form. His practice involves creating an autonomous field of sculpture - critiquing the usual process used to assign art to certain genres or cultures - and thereby liberating artistic thought. His work sets out to challenge observers into accounting for the sculptures’ physical, philosophical and aesthetic connotations by deconstructing the sculptural medium in unsual and provocative ways, such as in Spiraculum 2, an amalgamation of graphite powder, MDF, metal and dental plaster.

Accolades and Exhibitions

Marko was the 2015 winner of the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Awardwas (founded in 2002 by The Center for Contemporary Art from Belgrade and The Foundation for a Civil Society (FCS) from New York), as part of the regional project Young Visual Artists Awards (YVAA). His solo shows have taken place at galleries such as Remont Gallery and MoCAB Salon in Serbia and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Austria.

"Marko Markovic's sculptures challenge the viewer to take into account all their physical, philosophical, and above all aesthetic connotations. The peculiarity of Marko's technique lies in the deconstruction of the sculptural medium, invasive treatments at odds with, and yet adding depth to the sensual abstraction on the surface."

Jelena Veljkovic - Rise Art Curator

Artworks by Marko Markovic

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