Ali Cha'aban

Ali Cha'aban cites Marcel DuChamp as one of his greatest inspirations.
Ali has collaborated with many different artists, including Khalid Zahid and Rayan Nawawi.
Egyptian cinema is greatly influential to Ali’s work.

Lebanese artist Ali Cha’aban creates work that explores the nuances and developments of cultural traditions. Ali uses his position as a spectator to delve into notions of nostalgia, politics and customs that are entwined in Arabic identity. Ali works across painting, print and photography to unpick anthropological notions and create a dialogue between his art and the spectator. With an approach that is probing and direct, Ali uses a combination of realistic, abstract and mixed media styles with a heavy influence of popular culture references to transcend artistic boundaries.

Ali Cha’aban’s Early Life and Career

Ali is a Lebanese artist who was born and raised in Kuwait, where he lives today. Ali talks of growing up in a ‘westernised’ environment, and as he got older he learnt the importance of his Arabic heritage. Ali has exhibited his work in galleries across the world, from Paris, to Beirut, to Jeddah, with the latter being the greatest inspiration in the development of his art. Ali is often hailed as a fashion photographer and has worked with the likes of Vogue Arabia and Nike.

Broken Dream Series

Ali’s Broken Dream series encapsulates his exploration of popular culture and Arabic customs. Centred around the idea of ‘neglected identity’, the series delves into the struggle between an inward and outward facing sense of self. With this series, Ali exposes the unrestrained cruelty of reality that comes to surface in the form of an identity crisis. The motifs of superheroes resemble a Pop Art style, whereas the mixed media painting beneath depicts a traditional Arabic rug, thus creating a tension between the components of the art piece.

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