Aisling Drennan

In 2011, Aisling Drennan received the Freyer Award for painting from the Royal Dublin Society Art Awards.
Aisling toured the world as a professional dancer before becoming a fine art painter.
State Magazine listed Aisling as ‘One To Watch’ in 2017.

Irish artist Aisling Drennan is known for her Abstract Expressionist style and vibrant palette. Aisling creates dynamic oil paintings that tread the balance between structure and chaos. With a process that is led by constant layering, each of Aisling’s paintings are textural constructions, formed of gestural brushwork and mark-making. The energetic and sporadic quality of Aisling’s abstract canvases, paired with her suggestive titles, make for pieces of art that often hint at an underlying narrative.

Aisling Drennan’s Education and Inspiration

Prior to becoming a Fine Art painter, Aisling toured the world as a dancer, performing across Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow and beyond. However, in 2007, Aisling made the move to painting, and studied a BA in Fine Art from GMIT in Ireland, before completing an MA from Central Saint Martins. Aisling’s career as a dancer continues to shape her artistic development, and the expressive nature of her paintings. Abstract Expressionist artists such as Willem de Kooning are hugely influential to Aisling’s process, as well as painters Joan Mitchel, Sean Scully and Fiona Rae.

Exhibitions and Success

Over the course of the last three years, Aisling has had three solo shows in London, as well as a host of group exhibitions throughout the UK. Aisling’s most recent exhibition, Skellig, was held at the Graham Hunter Gallery, and showcased a range of abstract paintings inspired by rock formations and the natural terrain of the landscape in County Kerry, Ireland. Aisling’s unique style and emotive visual language has earned her recognition from the John Moore’s Painting Prize, Jacksons Open, the Visual Arts Open and the Royal Dublin Society Art Awards.

Selected Works

Le Cirque by Aisling Drennan

Le Cirque

Paintings - 50x70 cm
Give It Stick by Aisling Drennan

Give It Stick

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Collapse, Regroup by Aisling Drennan

Collapse, Regroup

Paintings - 55x85 cm
A Pause, A Happiness by Aisling Drennan

A Pause, A Happiness

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Content Blue by Aisling Drennan

Content Blue

Paintings - 50x60 cm
That Blue by Aisling Drennan

That Blue

Paintings - 50x60 cm
Seeking Common Sense by Aisling Drennan

Seeking Common Sense

Paintings - 60x60 cm
Tangling by Aisling Drennan


Paintings - 60x60 cm
Tracings by Aisling Drennan


Paintings - 37x46 cm
Paint Knotting by Aisling Drennan

Paint Knotting

Paintings - 50x60 cm

The Tin Key

Paintings - 50x60 cm


Paintings - 50x60 cm

Insert Text Here

Paintings - 125x125 cm

You've Been Chequered

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Rock 'n' Ribbon Roll

Paintings - 50x60 cm

The Mousetrap

Paintings - 30x40 cm

The Birdcage

Paintings - 41x30 cm

Woke Up an Optimist

Paintings - 30x40 cm


Paintings - 80x80 cm

Ladies in Blue

Paintings - 60x60 cm

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