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      Nikos Pantazis

      Nikos Pantazis is a Greek painter living and working in Athens.
      Nikos grew up in rural Epirus, a region that has influenced his art.
      Nikos is trained in composition, measuring and forms.

      Born in the mountainous Epirus region of Greece, Nikos Pantazis is a contemporary painter who now lives and works in Athens. Nikos’ work draws upon Impressionism, using broad brushstrokes and unblended colours to create a sense of movement within his oil paintings. This modern take on impressionistic painting has lead Nikos on a journey to capture ephemeral subjects, and each work captures the unique beauty of a location in a specific moment. Nikos is a master of light, allowing him to depict the ever-changing scenes of nature that vary with the seasons and weather.

      Nikos Pantazis’ Life and Career

      Nikos grew up in the rugged region of Epirus in northern Greece, a beautiful location that has clearly influenced his passion for landscape painting. He moved to Athens at the age of 23, which is where he now lives and works. Nikos’ formal education was in Composition, Measuring and Forms in the painting workshop of Zogafrou municipality in eastern Athens.

      Painting Subjects

      Nikos shows a variety of subjects in his paintings, focusing largely on nature and including seascapes, mountains, flowers, and occasionally architecture.

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