Maddie Yuille is a visual artist interested in the process of translation from digital to painted image, based on a close, fragmentary looking.
Maddie often paints from her own photographs taken on walks around her neighbourhood.
Maddie has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards and has exhibited widely across the UK.

Born in 1988, Maddie Yuille is a visual artist living and working in London. Maddie explores how paint communicates emotional experiences and makes physical the fleeting sensation of witnessing. In this sense, all her works hold a certain tension or sense of anticipation. Translating photographs into paintings, she navigates the boundaries between seeing and experiencing, bridging these distances through her art.

Maddie Yuille’s Style and Practice

Before pursuing her art practice, Maddie completed a BA in Human Geography. She also worked in documentary production for several years, a period that influences her projects today. The medium itself is a driving theme in Maddie’s work. Each painting, drawn from personal photographs, is built up in layers of translucent colours, creating a shifting world in which there resides a potentiality – of the familiar becoming strange or wondrous. Suspended between figurative and abstract in style, each image depicts a thing or space known. And yet, the imagery can also dissolve into a collection of brush marks on a surface. She plays with this illusionism in the repeated motif of the window and curtain, enabling the painting to become a portal to a suggested world beyond. That said, the insistent reality of paint on the surface remains.

New Projects

Maddie has recently been examining images of bodies in distress – working specifically from video footage taken by ISIS depicting the transportation of captees. These thought-provoking portraits explore the liability or guilt of the artist and viewer in witnessing these moments of frailty and vulnerability. The project also delves into how materials can communicate her emotional response to the original video footage.

Exhibitions and Awards

After graduating with an MA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School (2019), she was on the shortlist for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Award (2020) and the Contemporary British Painting Prize (2019). She has taken part in numerous group shows, including Berntson Bhattacharjee, Subsidiary Projects, The Tub, Warbling Collective, The Violet Hour, and The Auction Collective. In February 2021, she undertook a residency in central London with Vault x Hobhouse Studios. Her work has been shown across the UK and is part of numerous private collections. Maddie has self-initiated and curated many group shows.

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