Fu Liang has won art awards in both France and the UK.
Fu features in the Rise Art 2021 Emergence exhibition.
Fu lives and works between his home country of China and France.

Chinese artist Fu Liang was born in Sichuan, China in 1993, and now lives and works between his home country and France. He works with a range of different media, including watercolours, oil paintings, and mixed media. Fu’s work is highly conceptual, dealing with the notions of presence and absence as well as the distinction between visible and invisible entities. His paintings have a somewhat ghostly quality, depicting figures and faces shrouded in mist, as well as indiscernible entities that blur the boundaries of reality.

Fu Liang’s Career

Fu is from the Sichuan region of China, but moved to Paris in 2015 to begin his studies. Following a year in Paris, he moved to Nantes in Western France to study a bachelors and masters degree in Fine Art. His unique style of fantasy art has been recognised internationally, making him the recipient of numerous research and production grants.

Exhibitions and Awards

You’ll find Fu’s figurative paintings in exhibitions across the globe, including the Rise Art Emergence exhibition in 2021 and various shows in France. He was also awarded the Prize JUVENARTS in Paris in 2021, and the Delphian Open Call award in 2021.

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