Luke Woodgate

Luke Woodgate's prints are all hand drawn before being scanned and digitally layered.
While they may look real, Luke's landscapes are all imaginary scenes.
Luke originally studied traditional screenprinting before moving to digital methods.

A master of landscape prints, Luke Woodgate is a British artist from the south east of England. His large-scale prints explore the beauty of nature, drawing inspiration from his travels across North America, Asia and Europe to create imagined scenes of dramatic mountainscapes, lush jungles and dense forests. The level of detail that goes into Luke’s landscape art is astounding, with countless layers of drawings contributing to an immersive visual world.

Luke Woodgate’s Artistic Career

After growing up in Kent and Sussex, Luke moved to the creative hub of Brighton to study printmaking, which is where he developed his artistic voice. He focused largely on screenprinting at this time, but soon found that the technique was limiting his practice, meaning he had to search for other methods to achieve a greater level of detail in his botanical prints. This is when he moved to digital methods, discovering that by scanning his pen and ink drawings he was able to achieve much more complex and intricate art.

Real or Imagined?

While they may appear hyper-realistic, Luke’s landscape drawings are in fact all pulled from his imagination. While they may be informed by his travels across various continents, Luke states that he has no interest in replicating real landscapes.

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