Luke Woodgate


I was born and grew up in Kent and Sussex. Throughout my schooling art was always the primary focus and landscape the foremost subject. I studied printmaking at Brighton University where my practice began to evolve. Most of my time was spent screen printing and I developed certain techniques that I still use today. I found that by scanning my drawings into the computer I could create perfectly aligned layers for printing and make a carefully thought out colour guide for the piece. Over time my drawings became more complex and the number of layers so vast that screen printing was no longer an option. I then discovered giclee printing and found that I could produce the guide image itself with perfect accuracy (something I could never achieve screen printing), and began putting more time and care into what was now the finished piece. I travelled as much I could in my twenties and early thirties, amassing a large quantity of reference photographs. The National Parks of America, the jungles of south east Asia, the mountain ranges of Europe and woodlands of the UK inform all of my work. Though inspired by these images I have no interest in reproducing real places. The scenes I create are entirely imagined, often incorporating elements of many different continents and even some vegetation that doesn't exist at all. Using many of the same methods I have refined over the years, I am currently working on ways to paint my landscapes.

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