William Wright

William Wright explores the meditative quality of the artist’s studio.
William often starts each piece as a small sketch in a notebook.
William paints still lives, landscapes and occasionally portraits.

William Wright is a British painter based in South East London. William’s paintings are reflections of daily life and his immediate surroundings. Simple compositions of still lifes and studio scenes form honest and direct observations. There is a quietness to William’s oil paintings, in which a minimal aesthetic prevails to encourage the viewer to look beyond the surface of the painting. William’s paintings are typically small scale, perhaps prompting the viewer to move into the intimate sphere of the subject.

William Wright’s Education and Career

William was born in Nottingham in 1971 and moved to Leeds in 1991 to study a BA in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University. Since graduating in the mid 90’s, William has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions across the world.

Colour and Mood

William’s art is perhaps most obviously unified by his distinct colour palette. Rich greens, tonal greys, and accents of yellows work in harmony to give each painting a complex tone. Objects are often surrounded by a thick black outline and still lifes are flattened to distill the subject further. However, with the dark palette, the bold lines and the adjusted composition, William’s paintings still have a mystical softness to them, or as artist Tom Hammick puts it, they appear as “washed out dream(s) or a far off memory.”

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