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Curated Collection: New In Photography

Discover our curator's latest selection of photographs.

By Rise Art | 19 Aug 2021

This summer’s New In: Photography collection sees landscapes, portraits, abstract works and more from a selection of our photographers. Discover work from artists who have recently joined the platform, alongside more established photographers on Rise Art. 

We’ve spotlighted artists Yannis Guibinga, Reed Hearne and Kristin Hart from the collection, discover more about their work below.


Yannis Guibinga

Pigments by Yannis Guibinga 


Yannis Guibinga’s style of photography is sharp and striking, infused with an innate warmth that runs throughout his work. With his unique attention to colour, composition and light, Yannis documents themes of African identity, heritage and tradition, and the effects of Western imperialism. With his work, Yannis wants “to get across a message of pride, strength and self-determination for African people across the globe.”


Reed Hearne

[No] Object Lesson by Reed Hearne


Reed Hearne combines photography with digital processes to create abstract pieces that resemble paintings. Throughout his career, Reed has developed complex photographic processes to achieve the unique effects that populate his digital works. Whilst some of his pieces resemble abstract expressionist paintings, others have a more intricate and patterned quality. 


Kristin Hart



Kristin Hart’s surrealist photographs transform recognisable scenes of the natural world into dreamlike pastel images. Similarly to Reed, Kristin manipulates her photographs, however, they still remain recognisable and instead she presents familiar images with new colours and sharpened contrasts. Most of Kristin’s works capture desert scenes, seascapes and the natural world. 

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