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August Rise Art Roundup

It's been a fabulous summer of art and we have lots to report. Here we round up the excitement of August, showcasing news from our artists, the art world and beyond.

By Rise Art | 26 Aug 2016

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Modern Marketers

This month has been all about our artists, as we delved behind the scenes with the Rise Art creatives the internet just can't get enough of. From sneak-peek Tweets, to behind the scenes Instagram snaps these #ModernMarketers have crafted a devoted following, and we wanted to know the secrets to their success. We even let them take over our Instagram feed (@Riseart_) for the day. If you missed it, give us a follow and keep your eyes peeled for more and in the meantime, read our behind the scenes interviews with Kef!, Hannah Adamaszek, Mark Chadwick and Gugi Goo.


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Rise Art News

Julia Cseko @ Piano Craft Gallery, Boston

Julia Cseko's latest solo show 'Straight from the Heart - the Rant Series' is coming to a close this weekend, so if you're in the Boston area make sure to check it out. Her emotive, typographical works immerse you in a deep poetic language that's sure to leave your head spinning.


Malayka Gormally @ Alexis Hotel, Seattle

Mother and painter Malayka Gormaly was selected by the prestigious Alexis Hotel to display some of her portaits in a group show curated by Barbara Shaiman, an independent curator and former Director of the Seattle Art Museum. Her colourful works will be lighting up their lobby until November - yet another great excuse to book a stay.


Tina Mammoser @ Grejczik Gallery, Yorkshire

Gallery founder and abstract painter Tina Mammoser's showcase of brand new artworks inspired by the night sky is coming to an end this weekend. There's a scientific precision behind her pieces, as she uses a telescope to apply the H-R Diagram to star spectrums, influencing the colour fields she uses for each work. We don't exactly know what this means, but we know it makes for some stunning irridescent works... Layers of glazed watercolours are combined to form her abstract pieces, go and take a look if you're up north this bank holiday.


Art World Happenings

Georgia O'Keeffe @ Tate Modern, London

The opening of the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition coincided perfectly with the opening of the new Tate Modern extension, and we had a fabulous time frolicking amongst floral masterpieces from this historic painter. You've still got two months to soak up some springtime flora and fauna and fight the impending autumn blues... And in the meantime check out our Georgia O'Keeffe inspired collection of timeless floral artworks.


The Sao Paulo Biennale

It's been all eyes on Rio this month for the Olympics, but as the focus shifts from sports to art (an area we feel a lot more at home with), we turn our eyes to Sao Paulo for the Biennale. With a vast array of performance art, installation work, talks, lectures and parties to get stuck into, we can't pretend we're not raring to hop on the first flight to Brazil...


The August Edit | Curator Picks

Head curator Rebecca Gordon and Artist Champion Natalia Rubinstein have been busy curating bi-weekly collections to unveil some of the most exciting new releases from artists on Rise Art. Keep up to date with their collections on our homepage, and enjoy browsing this latest selection.



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