Music for the Eyes with Victoria Topping

Posted in In the Studio by Aimee Morris on 25th October 2018

British artist and illustrator Victoria Topping describes her work as “music for the eyes”. By playing with colour, texture and form, Victoria synthesises elements of Jazz, Soul, Gospel and Disco into visual form. Victoria creates her vibrant, rhythmic prints using a combination of traditional techniques and digital technology. 


Victoria in her studio.


She begins by building up a piece with various materials and textures - including photographs, fabrics and paint - which she then scans and prints. The artist works back into the resulting digital print with gold leaf and paint.


The Shadows Took Shape


Victoria, can you tell us about your process?

I collect all sorts of images, from fabrics to photos and paintings. I either scan them or transfer them onto the computer and compose them all together, laying over lots of texture, colour and drawn elements. After that I print the pieces using my large giclee printer and I work back into them with gold leaf or crystals.


One of Victoria's pieces in progress.


How does music play a role in your work?

I call my work ‘music for the eyes’. I’m constantly experimenting with ways to represent the feeling of listening to music in a visual form.


 The Sound of Joy


What are some of the recurring motifs across your body of work?

In all my work I am interested is representing spirit and soul. The use of the eye for me signifies the third eye looking at spirit, while hands symbolise a gesture of welcome and openness to the viewer.


Rolled prints in Victoria's studio.


What is your studio space like?

Very colourful and joyous! I share the building with a community of artists and the whole place has a great vibe to it.


Victoria in her colourful studio, surrounded by works.


What do you listen to while you work?

I love listening to all sorts of music when I work. I find modal jazz particularly good, as it really frees up my brain for creativity. I also create record sleeves, so I spend a lot of time carefully listening to the music on those records so that I can create something that reflects their content.


A record sleeve created by Victoria. 

Alongside her practice, Victoria is the Artistic Director of record label On the Corner Records.


What are your ambitions for the future?

I feel very lucky to be doing what I love, so more of the same! I’m planning on having a big solo show with some new work next year and would love to have a bigger, snazzier studio space. I also have a very exciting book coming out soon


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