Q&A with Sheerluxe's Georgie Coleridge Cole

Posted by Rise Art on 08th July 2015

Georgie Coleridge Cole is the Founder and Editor of SheerLuxe.com - an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, brands and goods around.
Rise Art wanted to quiz the editor on her approach to Art, find out how she uses it within her own home and what she thought of our curated, online gallery.


I see you took the Style Quiz coming into the site. How did you find it and what was your result?
It was quick and simple – just what I like. Apparently I’m a 'sophisticate' – refined, elegant and chic... I guess I’d struggle to really define on paper what it is I go for but this makes you think about it and then gives you recommendations which is smart.

I know you love your interior design and have recently moved houses and undertaken a project. What role did art play in the project?
I would love to say it had been more of a priority than it was but when you are trying to stick to a budget to renovate a property it tends to be things like rewiring, kitchen design and paint colours that take priority. It’s only now that we’re properly settled in that I can really start to think about art and where it needs to go.


Purple Storm

Corinne Natel


You often refer to your husband as TA (The Accountant)! Is there a battle of tastes when it comes to Art between yourself and TA and if so, who wins?!  
My accountant - with a mortgage, small children and soon school fees to pay - gets pretty terrified when I start talking about art! I actually showed him Rise Art the other day and he saw some of the prices and breathed a sigh of relief. There’s that real misconception that art is going to be prohibitively expensive so it’s refreshing to find you have choices.

Where would your favourite destination be for buying art? Art Fairs, Degree Shows, Online Gallery?
There are a few artists that I follow but in my twenties I was too busy spending money on shoes and bags (although I still like to do that!) and it’s only recently as I’ve got a bit older that art has really started to interest me. In all honestly I have completely fallen for Kristin Gaudio-Endsley and Corinne Natel who I discovered on Rise Art.


Floating Shapes

Kristin Gaudio-Endsley


Do you have a favourite piece of art hanging in your house and if so what is it?
I have the most mesmerising painting of a young Buddhist monk that was a wedding present from my father and step mother. They have one by the same artist and I had always loved it – in fact it was about the first painting I ever appreciated and it was such a wonderful surprise to be given one. The light in the painting is totally captivating.

What type of art appeals to you personally: Abstract art, figurative / representational art, Photography?
My monk aside, generally modern, abstract – I think!

Your life is incredibly busy juggling work, kids, a dog and a household to run and you have referred to how organised and disciplined you have to be in your day to day life. Does this organised, disciplined character translate in your interior design?

For example do you prefer a clean, geometric hang or a salon hang?
100% yes. I am a complete Monica – honestly. The first thing I do when I come from work is tidy an already tidy house. I can’t focus on anything else until everything is in its place. So definitely a clean geometrical hangl


What is your favourite exhibition you have been to & why?
It has to be McQueen


You are obviously very stylish when it comes to clothes and know what to scrimp and splurge on in the fashion world - do you have similar rules for house/home interiors?
My spending habits have definitely matured! I used go on what I called Zara sweeps and come out with far too much that didn’t last. I now try and spend what I’d spend on a handful of high street buys on one or two things that are better quality. I guess the same could be said for my approach to interiors – and art...

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