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Rise Art at Grand Designs - How to Hang

The three most popular hangs for creating the perfect gallery wall

By Rise Art

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Rise Art curator rebecca gordon has been at Grand Designs Live this week, divulging all of her insider knowledge!

If you can't make it down to London's ExCel, never fear we will be sharing more of Rebecca's expertise over the coming weeks!  Read on to learn more about the art of hanging, as Rebecca outlines the three most popular styles to create a picture perfect gallery wall...

As a fundamental starting point, artwork should be hung so that the centre of the painting is at the viewer's eye level.  Of course there are exceptions - and breaking the rules in art installation can often help create an exciting interior!

1: The Salon
A central frame acts as the focal point, and all the other works should be hung surrounding it, spreading outwards away from the main piece.


This is where you can really let loose with a mix of different artwork and frame styles...


2: The Stairwell
The principal, focal artworks should follow your eyeline as you climb or descend the stairs. Then work outwards, filling the space around them with smaller pictures.


Try to get a broad range of different-sized frames to add plenty of interest.



3: The Geometric
Go for symmetry and precision. You should use the same size pictures, the same size frames, and measure the exact same distance between each one, as well as the top and bottom rows.

Slavomir Zombek

This layout looks great hanging above a piece of furniture.

Happy Hanging!

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