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After our Q&A with Georgie, we were intrigued to see what her top Art picks from Rise Art would be...

By Rise Art | 08 Jul 2015

Georgie Coleridge Cole is the Founder and Editor of - an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, brands and goods around.

Following our recent Q&A with Georgie, we asked for her about her art tastes and the works she covets. Here's a selection of her favourites across the site, and the works she'd love to have in her own environment. 

Map of Greater London

Ursula Hitz


Pink Pagoda Small

Kristin Gaudio-Endsley


Taken II

Carla Nizzola


It's a Small World

John Maxwelle-Steele


Golden Dance

Corinne Natel


Read SheerLuxe's Editor, Georgie's Coleridge COLE'S Q&A here!


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