Styling With Art: Travel Photography

Posted in Out of the Studio by Isabel Larner on 07th August 2014

In celebration of the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition, we decided to style a room around an animal portrait by Paul Coghlin, taken on one of his travels.

Two Elephants by Paul Coghlin

We chose this image for its charming intimacy, sharp detail and pleasing symmetry. As such we wanted to keep the room palette soft and neutral; nothing too aggressive that would overpower the image. Travel photography in the home is often positive and evocative, giving us either nostalgia or wanderlust. We wanted to reflect this sense of comfort while also bringing a touch of exotic - just enough to reflect the non-native nature of the image without descending into caricature. Because of this we imagined this artwork accompanying a casual living area, with a comfy chair and artisanal touches to the designs that ensure the space has character and sophistication.
Styling with Travel Photography

1. Two Elephants by Paul Coghlin at Rise Art

2. John Lewis Echo Wood Floor Lamp from John Lewis

3. Moooi Cork Stool by Jasper Morrison at Nest

4. John Lewis Heming Armchair, Torina from John Lewis

5. Missoni Home Gretel 21 Cushion from Heal's

6. Tom Dixon Form Bowl Set of 5 from Heal's

7. Pierre Casanove Tourron Mug from Heal's

8. Small Brown Stamp Table from Zara Home

9. True Grace Moroccan Rose Candle from John Lewis

10. Steven Alan Aliye Wool Dhurrie from West Elm


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