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New Arrivals

Rise Art curator Rebecca Gordon talks us through her top picks of what's new this month on Rise Art.

By Rise Art | 01 May 2015

New arrivals

Rise art insider rebecca Gordon talks us through her top picks from the new arrivals.

Beth Partridge

When viewing Beth’s artworks, the spontaneous element which is integral to her work is immediately apparent.  To create each piece she first draws with water, and then floats the high pigment inks within the watermarks.  From there she gently nudges and persuades the elements to combine and evolve into complex micro worlds.

Beth describes the process, saying “I pour the water and the dance begins. Inks merge. I gently nudge but can never say what will appear.”

Magma III

Beth Partridge

And continues by explaining, “these recent pieces are expansive landscapes and cellular worlds in vibrant pools of colour, mixed with echos of structural archetypal forms.”

The combined elements of Beth’s past as a dancer and her present life living in the heart of West Sussex - where she is “eternally bathed in green iridescent tonal landscapes” - are the biggest influences on her work.  The two are expressed through the tonal range and graceful forms of her compositions.

Beth is also a trained cranial osteopath which is a gentle touch-based therapy that works with the body’s innate internal forces. This ability to connect with the natural energy and forces within our body is clearly showcased within her works.

Mitosis II

Beth Partridge

Jason Keeley

Jason Keeley is a designer and a director, as well as a fine artist who has always experimented with photography and image making. In this distinctive series of works, he has developed a bold and contemporary style that has been inspired by dance, the human form, and by pop artists of the 1960’s, particularly Bridget Riley.


Jason Keeley

Jason says that he has “always loved dance but also I have always been fascinated by the interpretation of sound in visual form. For me, movement and music, in unison, create a very powerful and emotional language.”

By producing these works as limited edition original silkscreens, they still contain a ‘human’ variation from print to print. The resulting figurative works are vibrant, visually appealing and would look fantastic in many settings.

Stretch & Flow

Jason Keeley

Clare Halifax

I am a huge fan of Clare's work. Her intricately drawn cityscapes immediately capture our attention through her distinctive use of design, pattern and colour. The layering technique she uses adds a depth and unique perspective to these often familiar sights and landscapes. The congested splendour of the sprawling cities are empathised by the bird’s eye view that we hold. 

Clare got her degree in Printed Textile Design and went on to sell her work internationally to the fashion and interior markets.  In 2009 she completed an MA in Multi-Disiciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England, which saw her work develop into the production of limited edition prints and ceramic pieces.

Arial Attractions At London

Clare Halifax

She has worked on numerous collaboration projects, and recently completed a set of prints for John Lewis.  Clare has also been commissioned by Berkley homes to produce a working map for a new build that illustrates connectivity and community in the area, and by Brompton Bikes to produce an accessories range featuring her illustrations.

Clare currently resides in London where she continues to be influenced by her everyday environment.

Roodtops at Royal Albert Hall

Clare Halifax





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