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Cahill Collection: Mat's Rise Art Picks

We catch up with Mat Cahill to find out a bit more about his own inspirations for his work, from the Cobra movement to David Hockney.

By Isabel Larner | 19 Oct 2015

I don't just see Rise Art as a way of promoting and selling my work. Though they have helped me reach new markets and expose my practice to a wider audience. I also use the website as a way of sourcing inspiration from up and coming and established artists. This collection of work has been selected for many reasons be it because they share influences to my practice, have elements that also resonate in my practice or that they have autobiographical links to my career.

- Mat Cahill



Mat:  This artist wears their inspirations on their sleeve. In this particular piece I like the homage to Phillip Guston. Phillip Guston is also a major influence on my own artistic practice in the way he juxtaposes social/political commentary and abstraction together; something I try to do as well.



Damien Hirst

Mat: After graduating from my Masters I worked as Damien's painting assistant in his studios in Devon. The experience exposed me to the ins and outs of the art world and how big it can actually be. Through supporting the process I gained an interest in preserving the moment and works like this one led to me making my ceramic pieces as a form of legacy building.

The God Particle

Gary Russell

Mat: An art work is never dead or finished and I love how this artists has resurrected his previous work to create something new, whilst also creating such a bold and memorable image.

The Poet

David Hockney

Mat: I could easily praise the chameleon nature of Hockney, but personally I am a fan of his line drawings. He has an ability to be clear and informative with his lines - but also expressive and personable at the same time. One of the first art exhibitions I went to as a child growing up was a show of Hockney's abstract pieces at Manchester City Art Gallery, and ever since then he has been the major influence in my career.

Noughts And Crosses

Anne Marie Lepretre


Mat: As is obvious in my work, I like repetitive and full compositions. These prints by Anne Marie have a quality I strive for in my practice.

Variable 2

Jenny Core


Mat: Not just because she is a former studio mate in Manchester! Her passion for drawing can be seen in her dedication to question what drawing is in every piece she makes - no more so than in this piece.

In My Dream

Sabina Nedelcheva Williams

Mat: I am huge fan of the Cobra movement and this piece reminds me of artists such as Karel Appel and Angers Jorn - but I like how Sabina has progressed this notion by using modern technology to create childlike and raw images.
See Mat Cahill's work on Rise Art HERE!

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