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Mark Chadwick, the 'Fluid Painting' series pioneer and painter whose works have been compared to Damien Hirst's, guest blogs for us on his artistic inspiration. From lava flows and the Northern Lights to Corinna Belz's documentary on 'Gerhard Richter Painting,' Mark gives Rise Art's members an exclusive insight into the influence behind his unique artistic practice.

By Rise Art | 04 Nov 2013
Mark Chadwick Sink   I'm a collector of Inspiration; at all times I'm archiving ideas to reappropriate into my art. For me inspiration is like chance, it can appear when you least expect it or you can go and hunt for it. I love to find my inspiration arbitrarily, but that's a rare occurrence, so most of the time I'm always on the lookout to gather ideas from everyday life.   Literally, my inspiration could come from anything and inspire me in different ways, one day I may be inspired in terms of colour or composition when the next day I could run into a new technique or mechanical tool that I could use in the process of my art.   Mark Chadwick, Fluid Painting 85   Mark Chadwick - Fluid Painting 84 Mark Chadwick, Fluid Painting 84.   I tend to turn to nature as another source of inspiration. Going into the countryside, observing the natural environment - tree formations, rock patterns and textures, water flows, the ever changing canvas in the sky - I'm always taking photographs of the clouds and watching the natural formations and movements which I hope to emulate in my Fluid Paintings.   Mark's work on display at the Lloyd Gill Gallery   Mark's work on show at the Lloyd Gill Gallery Mark's work on display at the Lloyd Gill Gallery   I'm also continuously looking in the media for images of space or similar patterns in nature like lava flows or the northern lights. Another source of inspiration is looking back at my older works and trying to move forward or improve on what I produced preciously. I have a couple of paintings that I just won't sell because they are an important inspiration to me to see everyday!   Mark Chadwick Fluid Painting 83 Mark Chadwick, Fluid Painting 83   At the moment my most recent inspiration was by looking at other artists work, in this case I had brought a film documentary called 'Gerhard Richter Painting' by Corinna Belz. As much as I get inspired from seeing Richter's paintings in the flesh, this particular documentary is an interesting watch as it joins Richter during the process of creating his works.   There are lots of inspiring moments within the film where you see the ups and downs of his painting process, in particular there is one moment in the film where Richter makes 'an error' with blue paint and it's fascinating to see his reaction. Not only does the film delve into Richter's unique techniques but it also explores Richter's thought process and feelings towards his work, I would certainly recommend the film for all artists as a source of inspiration.  


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