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Video Pick: Ibrahim El-Salahi's 'The Inevitable'

Tate exhibiting artist El-Salahi's masterpiece, The Inevitable, was first conceived by the artist during his wrongful imprisonment. Here's a video introduction to El-Salahi's work.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 06 Sept 2013

Deprived of paper, Tate's exhibiting artist El-Salahi would sketch out plans for future paintings on the back of small cement casings, before burying them in the sand at the sound of an approaching guard. Through this curious artistic method, the artist developed a new style, one highlighted in The Inevitable, where a painting spread out from what he refers to as the 'nucleus', or the germ of an idea, with a meaning hidden even from the artist himself until the work is finished. Only when he saw The Inevitable completed did El-Salahi realise how clear the message was; that people must rise up and fight tyranny and those that suppress them. This was something he felt was relevant not just to his own life when he created the work in the mid-eighties, but to all of Sudan. 



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