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The 5 Coolest Art Youtube Channels

So you're very confused; entangled in the vidiotic enigma that is Youtube and its many channels. All you want is the very best Art channels, cherry-picked, ready to go? Well you know what?... We've found them for you.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 04 Sept 2013


Número uno of the Art vid giants is Tate. Tate is a regular updater with resident videos such as '500 years of British Art' and 'TateShots'. The former largely comprises of a weekly update in which the Tate invites you to walk through time, led by one of their curators, as they introduce the new displays at Tate Britain from 1540 to present. The latest feature in the latter concerns an introduction to Chinese artist Wang Peng, whose practice stemmed from abstract paintings to large scale installations at a time when installation and performance were banned in China.

Tate Yotube Channel


Art Thoughtz

Albeit a little inactive and on the low side of high-brow Art Criticism, meet Hennessey Youngman's channel, Art Thoughtz. Art Thoughtz is a hilarious spoof critique on things like: Damien Hirst, relational aestheics, making art and the Sublime. A personal favourite of ours is ART THOUGHTZ: How to Make an Art where Hennessey concisely defines a contemporary art installation: AKA your friend's 40 year old, unemployed brother, lying on his mother's sofa lacking all sense of purpose so... ART. (And also because it's technically Performance Art, which in art terms equates to what else? ART.) = Magical.

Art Thoughtz Youtube Channel



Guggenheim videos are largely short and sweet, averaging from 1.5 to 2 minutes. They do however house the occasional lengthy 'Guggenheim Conversations with Contemporary Artists' - latest one with James Turrell - which lasts for about an hour. Content-Wise, we're talking diversity, a lot of introductions to exhibiting artists and also 'behind the scenes' informational videos on the practical building of The Guggenheim's exhibitions and installations.

Guggenheim Youtube Channel


Montana Colors

Montana Colors is a regularly updated channel specialising in the projection of the adentures of the Montana Paints Team. 

Montana Colors Youtube Channel


Art 21

Art 21 is a nonprofit channel dedicated to the promotion of Contemporary Art. The channel is riddled with 'Exclusives' and 'New York Close Ups' which we highly recommend. 

Art21 Youtube Channel

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