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      Art News

      Artist of the Week: Hush

      UK Street Artist Hush has been recently selling out shows across Asia.

      By Rise Art | 31 Jul 2012


      Street and graffiti artist Hush likes to think of his paintings as encyclopedias, symbols and signatures from his past and places he's been. Originally from the UK, the artist grew up in Newcastle and studied at the Newcastle School of Art and Design. After graduating with a degree in illustration, the artist moved to Hong Kong with a friend. 

      Siren in Motion by Hush

      Influenced by local emphasis on Manga the artist developed an interest in the female figure and designs that merged the cultures of the east and west. The result has been spectacular. Hush's graffiti, canvas works and prints mash different styles, figures and textures to create work that blends together seamlessly.

      G Girl by Hush

      His work has featured anime characters, skeletons, tags, and graceful forms that explode from the artwork with color. Recent shows of his work in Australia as well as a new print released by Newcastle gallery ONETHIRTY3 have sold out within days.


      Now, in association with Kumi Art, we have a limited number of Hush's original prints available on the site. Snap up yours today!

      Graf Geisha Triptych by Hush


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