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Video Pick: Rise Art at London Art Fair

Curator Pryle Behrman shares his thoughts on the artwork and artists were on display at London Art Fair in 2012

By Scott Phillips | 25 Jan 2012

The team is back from London Art Fair, and despite the sore feet and lack of exposure to direct sunlight, this years fair was fantastic. In case you missed out, be sure to have a look at this video of Curator Pryle Behrman leading a tour of the Rise Art exhibit. In the video he focuses on the work of Avigail Talmor and Chris Shaw Hughes, who's work were a highlight of the stand and are available on Rise Art.

Pryle Behrman introduces Rise Art at London Art Fair


A few other snaps from the fair


Setting up the Work of Chris Shaw Hughes and Andy Wicks

Setting up the stand - The work of Chris Shaw Hughes and Andy Wicks

Ting Ting Cheng

Artist Ting-Ting Cheng in Front of her latest series "I judge a book by its cover"

Steve Nodot and Collectors

Our very own Steve Nodot smoozing with Collectors at the end of the first private view

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