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      Jenny Boot

      Born in The Netherlands in 1969, Jenny Boot started her career as a painter before becoming a portrait photographer. Jenny’s photographs nod to the traditions of portrait paintings with their dark backdrops and sharp lighting. Primarily photographing women, Jenny is interested in revealing the complex power and sensuality within her subjects. Jenny sees light as one of the most important aspects of her work, with its ability to transform the tone and mood of any given image.

      Jenny Boot’s Process

      Jenny made the move to photography as she realised that it was a more accurate means of expressing her feelings. The visual language of photography has enabled Jenny to have a more controlled handle on communicating her artistic vision. Jenny uses her experience as a painter to create work that has the atmosphere and drama of a painting. Often hailed as a surrealist photographer, Jenny focuses on creating extreme intimacy with each shot, so much so that her and her subjects become one.


      The theatrical nature of Jenny’s photographs makes for fascinating interpretations of female subjects. Some of Jenny’s most celebrated collections showcase entirely different styles and subjects, yet all have a performative tone to them. In one series, Jenny created portraits evocative of Dutch paintings. Infusing the classical with the modern, Jenny reinterpreted the traditional and transformed the domestic. The provocative and revitalising nature of Jenny’s approach has led to acclaimed exhibitions throughout Europe.

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