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Femme en fusain

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Jacqueline Rosedalen

Jacqueline Rededalen was born with a brush in hand, or a pencil, in 1962. In her childhood, she exaspeted nurses, neighbors and family members - because she needed painting, colors and brushes . She used the walls, the furniture, even the clothes: everything was her canvas!
"My first memories were those of a neighbor who taught me to draw a staircase, I couldn't do it properly and I was angry. I had to be two or three years old, I was insistent and stubborn , I painted and drew what I could and I made sculptures in mud or flour.
My parents often scolded me for painting on the walls, furniture destroyed by colors. Finally, my father decided to help me - he started to invite private art teachers to make me learn from the arts. Some of them did not like it, some were amateurs, but some were professionals, maestros with lessons that I still remember today. "
In 1973, Jacqueline Rededalen entered the Ecole d'Art for children in Orenburg. She emerged graduated four years later. Subsequently, she embarked on sculpture, live drawing, painting.
"I loved everything except the composition - I appreciated the study of the composition, but I hated having to find subjects in my imagination. I needed a natural study, I needed to draw into life .
I wrote to gouache more than watercolor, I liked the charcoal more than the pencil. I was never satisfied with my work, I was always pushed to draw better, to correct, to improve. I drew and painted quickly; I woke up during the nights to paint. "
Jacqueline Rededalen painted and draws on the spot, mainly portraits and models. His God is Rembrandt, his mentor is Antonio Manchini, Louis Bourgeois is his muse. Isabella Blow is her virtual sister.
The artist painted in oil. The brush is for her the main instrument of expression of a momentary emotion. She is always looking for a vigorous brush, to capture the moment of expression and the drama. His technique is a mixture of classical art, academic and expression of his inner world - a cocktail of feelings to bring out on the web.

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