Dissolution 6

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Erick Derac

Erick Derac is a painter - Photographer - Designer - Colorist - Cartograph.
"Erick Derac breaks the conventions of the photographic medium by intervening directly on the ektachrome (positive argentic film) even before it is used for the draw. Intervene, that is to say, dirty, scrape, cover with 'Help of paintings, color films, scotch, hair, dust, this famous dust that Duchamp had already raised to the rank of work of art. […] It is a parallel world that slips between The eye and the image, a conglomerate of materials and particles as unique as it can be familiar. A world that moves the boundaries of reality, transforms the known into an orphan continent (drift series), in unprecedented topography (series sources And you are not dust), in impetuous and offbeat abstraction (lure series and sharing of spaces).
With his reworked photographs, Erick Derac built a strange alchemy, attractive and monstrous at the same time. ""
Liv Taylor for Paris-art.com

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