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Kathlyn Sweeny

Kathlyn Sweeny is an artist specializing in bronze sculpture. Fascinated by the human body, the artist endeavors to immortalize in his sculptural works the curves and volumes of moving silhouettes.
Bronze as a vector of expressions
A doctor for thirty years, Kathlyn Sweeny has always passionate about the miracle of the life of the human body, his observation and, subsequently, his reconstruction by sculpture.
After 5 years of "living model" in the workshops of Paris, including three years on rue Boulard and 2 years rue de la Glacière, the artist has set himself in the workshop of Natacha Mercier, whose work, the advice she appreciates and encouragement.
The wax allowed Kathlyn Sweeny to make expressiveness of the hands and moving bodies. Following the creation of wax models, the artist entrusted bronze melting to Sophie Bourcier, with whom she has maintained a relationship of complicity and total confidence for many years.
The grace of moving silhouettes
Through her bronze sculptures, Kathlyn Sweeny experiences the movements of the human body. The artist strives to analyze the movements and curves of the body to transcribe them poetically in his sculptures.
In order to make these bodily expressions in a faithful way, the sculptor creates her works from photographs, which allow her to embrace and capture the instantaneity of the body in motion.
His sculptural works evoke the dance, the harmony of a body in balance, its flexibility and lightness, as well as the fleeting of a barely seen moment and already disappeared.

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