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simona barreca

Italian artist Simona Barreca is known for her ceramic sculptures made entirely by hand. Working with a range of materials from enamel, acrylics, gold-leaf, epoxy resin and copper foil, Simona creates expressionistic nude sculptures and animal models. Simona Barreca is based in Messina, Sicily.

Simona Barreca’s Style

There is something of a modern Francis Bacon in her style. Her ceramic sculptures are texturally distressed and saturated with carnal colour palettes, resulting in emotional collectables that go straight for the jugular. Simona also stands out for her figurative and minimalist line drawings which, like her sculptures, are as haunting as they are alluring.

Bust Sculptures

The bust is one of the most enduring subjects in the history of sculpture. Synonymous with the Roman Empire, and typically made using marble, bust sculptures originally denoted power, prestige and wealth. Simona’s expressionist sculptures subvert the conventions of the bust, instead making it dynamic and dramatic. Whether distorting the face, applying colour or abstracting the nude, Simona brings the bust out of its conventional past and injects it with emotion.

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