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The Connoisseur


Discover your art personality

What are Connoisseurs like?

Connoisseurs are more creative and outgoing than most. They're imaginative and adventurous, and they're willing to take risks.

Connoisseurs tend to be more extraverted than their peers, and they're open to new experiences.

What about the art?

Connoisseurs prefer art that is intense and intellectually stimulating - figurative works especially.

They tend to like art that is well executed and has something to say. A Connoisseur would probably prefer representational works over minimalist or pop art pieces.

Connoisseurs like to collect art that reflects their personality, so it needs a little pizzazz.

What if art were music?

A Connoisseur's Spotify playlist is likely to feature a combination of classical tracks and alternative tunes. There would probably be a couple of movie soundtracks in there too.

These are The Connoisseur trait scores, compared to others

  • 18%Arousing
  • 11%Minimalist
  • 19%Figurative
  • 11%Shocking
Discover your art personality

Discover your art personality

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