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      5 Modern Geometric Artists Reshaping their Genre

      Read this Rise Art article to look at the evolution of geometric abstraction and discover 5 artists who are taking this style in different directions.

      By Antoinette Genevieve

      Modern geometric artists produce work that is as rich and varied as the historic movements and artists interpretations that fall under this seemingly simple classification. Geometric art seems a straightforward enough concept, inviting thoughts of lines, squares, triangles, circles and combinations of the above. In reality, contemporary geometric abstraction movements are just one face of this multifaceted genre.



      Although geometry has always existed in art, geometric art as we currently think of it - or geometric abstraction - emerged at the turn of the 20th Century with the Cubist movement in France. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and George Braque (1882-1963) rejected the rules of perspective and space, reducing objects to geometric forms. In the decade that followed, geometric abstraction went on to take different expressions in the work of the Russian Avant-Garde artists and the De Stijl group in Holland.


      Le guitariste (1910) by Pablo Picasso


      Over the last century, geometric abstraction has been revived, reworked and repurposed across movements and mediums around the globe. It’s a cornerstone of Modernism and has seen a strong resurgence in contemporary visual culture.

      Here are 5 contemporary geometric abstraction artists who are taking its conventions in new directions:


      1. Virginia Garcia Costa 

      Switzerland-based Argentinian artist Virginia Garcia Costa creates sculptural geometric pieces inspired by natural elements. When viewed slightly askance, the perpendicular lines in ‘Flores’ below give the piece a sense of three-dimensionality - as if the work is ribbed across its surface.


      Flores by Virginia Garcia Costa



      Slavomir Zombek’s architectural background comes through strongly in the American artist’s carefully crafted geometric abstracts. Balance, proportion, scale and space are Slavomir’s primary considerations across his portfolio of paintings.

      The Spring Meditation No.01 by Slavomir Zombeck


      3. Georgia Nassikas 

      American mixed media artist Georgia Nassikas creates geometric pieces using wax and oil paint. The beeswax in 'Around' below gives Georgia’s work a luminous, textured surface that makes the viewer itch to stroke it.


      Around by Georgia Nassikas


      4. Hetty Haxworth

      Hetty Haxworth’s piece documents, through shape, line and colour, the shift in light over the fields in the artist’s local Aberdeen landscape. The Oxford-born printmaker draws inspiration from the organic forms she observes in her rural Scottish environs.


      Structural Landscape by Hetty Haxworth


      5. Liat Elbling 

      'All or Nothing' below is part of an ongoing project that Israeli artist Liat Elbling began working on in 2013. The artist creates geometric models out of wood, MDF, plaster and styrofoam, which she then arranges on a surface and photographs. Her primary focus is perspective, light and shade, and the relationship between two- and three-dimensionality.


      All or Nothing by Liat Elbling


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