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Art in Hotel Design: Extravagance or Essential?

Whether creating a sense of luxury, stimulating the mind or providing a diverse offering through a gallery experience, art has become synonymous with hotel design.

By Mandy Poernig
  Whether creating a sense of luxury, stimulating the mind or providing a diverse offering through a gallery experience, art has become synonymous with hotel design.
  Traditionally, art was used to create a sense of luxury and distinction, but ever more we are seeing hotels designed specifically to provide guests with a unique experience through art. In fact, hotels themselves, such as The Palace in Tokyo or The Dolder in Zurich, are sought out destinations for the art lover...The eleven metre Andy Warhol in the foyer of The Dolder probably has something to do with that.    Bespoke curated artworks in hotels play a key role in shaping the atmosphere and defining the personality of a hotel, which is increasingly important as more and more hotels focus on the value of unique design as well as the growth of 'gallery' hotels.     But with the rise of art hotels, design hotels and hotels with their own art galleries, there is also the reality that art is subjective and some people can find art alienating, after an eight hour flight, not everyone wants to be mentally challenged by an abstract sculpture in their room. Nevertheless, there’s myriad ways to create a unique atmosphere for guests using art and here are some striking hotels that demonstrate the different approaches….scroll down to experience them for yourself!  

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht – Amsterdam 

This boutique hotel is where art and interior design come together. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Andaz fittingly takes its inspiration from Lewis Carrol’s infamous Alice in Wonderland. The lighting is inspired by constellations, the wall coverings could have been lifted from books and giant fish heads mounted on the walls create an atmosphere of sophistication and surrealism.      You can bring a sense of sophistication into your interiors with a beautifully detailed paper installation from Rogan Brown.  

Outbreak by Rogan Brown


La Colombe d’or – St Paul de Vence 

The Colombe d’or has a rich art heritage and was once a meeting place for artists such as Picasso and Matisse. As such, the walls are adorned with genuine original artworks dating back as early as the 1920’s. It’s even rumoured that many of the works were exchanged by the artists for a stay at the hotel or a few meals. The art collection has grown over the years to include modern original masterpieces too and is a true example of how art can create a unique sense of cultural heritage for visitors.      Start your own collection of original modern masterpieces, like these bold prints from Bruce McLean.  

Agave Americana by Bruce McLean


The Thief – Oslo 

Art is integral to the design of this hotel; in fact, every one of the rooms is decorated with artwork handpicked by Swedish curator Sune Nodrigen and includes artists such as Sir Peter Blake, Albert Mez and Christopher Jenssen.  Aptly named, The Thief also borrows exquisite artworks from the Astrup Fearnley Museum to create a gallery-standard experience in public spaces of the hotel.   This hotel is a must see for art lovers!     Want artwork good enough for a gallery in your home? Check out the God Father of Pop Art and The Thief featured artist Sir Peter Blake.  

Manhattan Boogie Woogie by Sir Peter Blake



One of Rise Art's best-selling artists, Kristjana S Williams was commissioned by The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair to "capture the spirit, richness and magic" of the 200-year-old hotel through a unique piece of art that would also form the hotel's rebranded identity. 

The commissioned artwork uses traditional Victorian etchings and reimagines them in a way that is both contemporary and elegant.

Kristjana S WIlliams 


Gramercy Park Hotel – New York 

The Gramercy takes its dedication to art seriously; with the exception of Damien Hirst, its walls are decorated with a collection biased toward bright and bold American masters, including pieces from Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselman. This boutique hotel changes its collection regularly so guests never see the same collection twice.      After your own bright and bold American masterpiece? Check out Damien Hirst at Rise Art.  

Cineole by Damien Hirst


But you don’t need to invest in a Warhol or redesign your property to get the look. Art is subjective and you also need to consider factors such as the size of your space, budget, clientele and essentially the impression you are trying to create. Alternatively, you could consider renting artwork before investing as it is tax efficient and can be listed as an expense in accounting. The Rise Art Corporate Services allows companies to rent and rotate the art but more importantly offer a free art consultation to help you achieve the effect you desire.  

Click here to download Rise Art’s catalogue and get a free consultation. 



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