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Erik in Wonderland

Meet Select Artist Erik Bendix, whose unique use of cartoons, colour and repetition fascinated and bewildered everyone in the Rise Art office.

By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

A world of tender and funny cartoons with unclear intentions... This is what Select Artist Erik Bendix creates in each one of his works. Ironic and oddly compelling, his drawings and oil paintings are enchanting yet critical meditations on pop culture and mass media, as well as the tricks employed to seduce viewers and consumers.

Are they pelicans, bowls or little men?! 'Hidden Agenda' (2011), one of Erik Bendix's screen prints for Rise Art

This week we are delighted to present our two new limited edition screen prints by Erik Bendix, titled Hidden Agenda and Prom Night. Both embody his interests perfectly: cartoons motifs, rhythmical patterns and repetition, a cunning use of colour and a sarcastic sense of humour.

We met with the London-based Danish artist, while he was giving the final touches to his screen prints and discussed his practice, working with Rise Art and why humour is an infalible tool to communicate challenging ideas. Discover why we can't get enough of his work in this video interview.

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