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      The Artists to Know

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      Stars Can Be Hard to Spot

      There have been, of course, countless more artists throughout history who haven’t made it into history books in comparison to the few that have. Naturally, collectors want to invest their money in artists with exciting careers ahead of them. It can be difficult to know whose work to buy when looking at it from an investment standpoint. Luckily, here at Rise Art our team are experts at spotting trends, rising stars, and helping you to invest in artists on an upward trajectory.

      Our Selection

      In this collection, we have selected 40 of our favourite artists on Rise Art, who we truly believe ought to be on your radar. Whether they're brand new onto the market, or stars we've loved for a while, you can expect to see big things from these artists in the coming months and years.

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