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Curated by Cecile Martet

Looking for contemporary African art to buy online? Our new collection brings together original works of art from African artists, as well as prints paintings and photographs that explore African cultures, landscapes and identities.

Contemporary African Art

Over the last fifty years, contemporary African artists have created art that depicts the many changes that African countries have experienced recently. Spanning from themes of identity and history to society and independence, many African artists working around the world are continually drawn back to these topics that have fuelled so many pivotal artworks in the canon of contemporary art.

Featured Artists

Nelson Makamo is a leading contemporary artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nelson works with charcoal, watercolours and acryllic to form his powerful portraits of children in rural African areas. Also working in portraiture is Gabonese photographer Yannis Guibinga. Inspired by the likes of Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keïta, Yannis’ portrait photography is bold and saturated in colour. Egyptian artist Khaled Morad works in mixed media to form vibrant and graphic collages. Sharp shapes and patterned motifs come together to create Khaled’s distinctive visual language.

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