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      Acclaimed Artists To Invest In

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      This new collection showcases recently acclaimed artists to invest in and keep your eye on. Our curators put the collection together to champion successes, highlight prestigious awards and share our artists’ exciting news. The artworks on show in the collection range from paintings and prints to contemporary sculptures, highlighting the breadth of acclaimed contemporary artists on the platform.

      Featured Artists

      Our artists are always working on new projects and receiving accolades. We’ve highlighted a few recent awards our artists have shared with us, including Gina Parr, Barry Davies and Clare Haxby. Gina Parr is a British painter and photographer, making textural abstract works. A selection of her photographs were used on the set of This Way Up, a BAFTA-winning Channel 4 comedy series. Barry Davies is a contemporary figurative sculptor who captures the beauty of nature in his naturalistic sculptures. Barry was recently nominated for the Visual Artists Association’s Emerging Artist Finalist Award.

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