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Famous Artists


Curated by Rise Art

This collection explores artwork by our most famous artists. Each of whom are iconic for their unique style and methodology.

Artwork can become famous for myriad reasons and here at Rise Art we offer a curated selection of famous art to buy or rent. Chosen for their ability and the strength of their practise, the artists featured on Rise Art work in a range of media, styles, sizes and at a variety of prices.

Art historians are able to trace the lineage of cultural movements through famous art and artists. The world’s most famous art and artists are immediately recognisable, with blockbuster exhibitions attracting millions of gallery attendees every year. The 2018 exhibition ‘Michelangelo: Divine Draughtsman and Designer’ at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art attracted over 700,000 visitors. Michelangelo is a figure greatly idealised in Western art history and his masterpieces are revered internationally. This reveals the power art, and in particular famous art, can have.

With exhibitions attracting vast numbers of people, it is clear that there is huge and growing appetite for new and exciting exhibitions. At Rise Art, we champion artists at different levels in their careers, from emerging to mid-career to established. Emerging artists are at the beginning of their careers, refining their practise by experimenting with various styles and techniques. Established artists have a breadth of exhibitions, awards and residencies under their belt and have work held in public and private international collections.

Artists like Jenny Boot, Banksy, Sir Peter Blake, Hush and Bruce Mclean are now household names as a result of their prolific careers and their iconic styles. This collection presents artists whose respected practices have changed or influenced significant conversations in the contemporary art scene.

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