Patsy McArthur


Scottish artist Patsy McArthur explores the grace and power of movement in her naturalistic drawings and paintings. Her work conveys a strength and weightlessness, while also evoking a transcendent quality in the depiction of the human form in various states of suspension, from leaping and soaring, to floating and swimming beneath the surface. In recent years, she has also used the horse as subject in her exploration of movement. The artist studied painting in Aberdeen at Gray's School of Art and was awarded the RSA John Kinross Scholarship on graduation. In 2001, McArthur gained her M.A. in European Fine Art from the Winchester School of Art in Barcelona and is currently based in Brighton, UK. McArthur has lived and worked in Australia, Spain, China, Berlin and New York and is currently based in Brighton, UK. She is represented by galleries in New York, Geneva and in the UK.