Christian Furr

Christian Furr is the youngest ever artist to paint an official portrait of the Queen.
With his cheese paintings, Christian wants to paint the full range of human emotions.
Christian often uses diamond dust to enhance elements of his paintings.

British painter Christian Furr made a name for himself in 1995 when, at just 28, he became the youngest ever artist to paint an official portrait of the Queen. The regal quality of Christian’s work translates through everything he paints, from landscapes, to animals, to cheese. Following the acclaimed success of his portrait paintings, more recently Christian has turned to focus on everyday objects, with observations of still lifes and a much talked about series of cheese paintings.

Christian Furr’s Exhibitions

In 2019, the Williamson Art Gallery in Liverpool held a Christian Furr Retrospective exhibition. Marking the first time Christian’s vast portfolio of work had been brought together in a collection, the exhibition tracked the diversity of Christian’s art and his success throughout the years. Showing works that had previously been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the exhibition showcased an eclectic selection of oil paintings.

Christian’s Paintings of Cheese

Hailed by critics and collectors as sensuous, metaphorical works of art, the original and unexpected nature of Christian’s recent cheese paintings have shone a new light on the artist. Featured by BBC news and on BBC Culture, the series of paintings comment on the full range of human emotions as he paints Coeur de Neufchatel on Lautreamont Green with the same delicacy and consideration as Dairy Lea.

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