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      Jo Beer


      Jo was taught at A ‘level’ by Newlyn School artist Vincent Wilson, her work has self developed since. Jo's work is predominantly figurative." The wonderful thing about people is that there is no such thing as an 'ordinary' person...everyone is extraordinary in their own way. I love the quirks and details that make someone stand out from the next person". Attention to detail, be it fabrics, patterns, or styles, blemishes, scars, folds, creases, skin tones are signature features. Jo paints with oils, she favours the silky fluidity that suits her work, using fairly broad brush strokes to keep areas of tone defined rather than blended - descriptive, fresh and expressive. Twice featured in Sky Art Portrait Artist of the Year. One of her images (not pretty but pretty honest) was selected to appear in a huge installation of a portrait of The Mona Lisa on Clapham Common. Series 2 Parminder Nagra chose Jo's portrait to take home with her. Jo has exhibited extensively in Southwest UK both with solo exhibitions and as part of collectives.

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