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      Victoria Curling-Eriksson


      British-born abstract artist Victoria Curling-Eriksson has painted from an early age. Vogue and Tatler have applauded her wealth of painting experience and sensitivity. Condé Nast Traveller, Life Magazine, and The English Home have also featured her works. Drawing inspiration from verdant Swedish landscapes and her travels, Victoria portrays, with honesty and precision, the beauty and irregularity of heathlands and seascapes.

      Victoria Curling-Eriksson’s Style and Practice

      Victoria’s earthy compositions capture the different seasons, light, and energy of ranging topographies. She indulges in complex washes and layering of oils, exploring the depth of field present in landscapes with a modest eye, aiming to instil stillness and ambience in the artwork. This quiet minimalism invites awe and admiration; her paintings transport viewers to the Nordic countryside. Often beginning without any desired visual outcome, she allows the image to unfold organically.

      Training and Exhibitions

      Victoria studied Design at Berghs School, Stockholm, and Fine Art at Munka Ljungby Folkhögskola. Before pursuing art, Victoria attained a BSc Honours Degree in Biotechnology from De Montfort University - pursuing a career in Clinical Trials. The artist has exhibited her work since 2003, with solo, group shows, and art events – including the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (2019) – taking place across Sweden. She has also presented work at The Other Art Fair, London (2022).

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