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Daniel Nagy

Daniel Nagy's work has been featured in exhibitions in Romania and Finland.
Daniel has been awarded several grants from the Finnish Arts Council.
Daniel creates striking still life prints.

International artist Daniel Nagy has had a varied artist career, having studied in Romania and now living and working in Finland. He works primarily with mono prints, taking a variety of different subjects such as food, everyday objects and body parts. His still life art is striking in its simplicity, focusing primarily on the subject and setting it in stark contrast to the background. His prints have an almost ghostly appearance, shining new lights on familiar objects and exploring ideas of memory and the ways in which we interact with the world that surrounds us.

Daniel Nagy’s Career as an Artist

Daniel Nagy began his journey in the creative world by studying at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania, in 2006. He eventually relocated to Finland, and has since been awarded numerous project grants to support his practice of creating realistic prints, including several from the Arts Council Finland and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Daniel Nagy’s realistic art has been featured in a number of different group exhibitions, ranging from Romania to northern European countries such as Estonia and Finland. He has also had several solo exhibitions in both Romania and Finland.

Selected Works


Prints - 24x35 cm

Public telephone

Prints - 44x33 cm

Hand (v)

Prints - 31x20 cm


Prints - 34x24 cm


Prints - 19x12 cm


Prints - 20x13 cm

Paper Hat

Prints - 25x35 cm


Prints - 31x20 cm

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