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      Tamsin Morse


      Tamsin Morse is a skilled draughtsman and colourist. The work available through rise art is an eclectic mix of watercolours and drawings which either act as springboard to larger paintings or become piece of work in themselves. The use of line and shape contain mysteries of landscape and character and evoke a romantic far-awayness and beauty.

      She studied at the Slade, then completed an MA at Chelsea School of Art. She was represented by the One in the Other Gallery, London between 2013-2016 and recently exhibited in Studio 1.1, The Mall Galleries (2021), Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019 and has been working with Marcel for Arts and DACS printing limited edition prints in 2020. Collections owning her work include The Zabludowicz Collection, Timothy Taylor and The University of the Arts, London.

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