Carrie Stanley Smith

Carrie Stanley Smith trained at the Lorenzo di Medici art institute in Florence.
Carrie was long listed for Jackson's Art Prize in 2021.
One of Carrie's recent projects involves recreating old family photographs.

UK-based artist Carrie Stanley Smith works mainly with the medium of oil paints to create her expressive artworks. Carrie’s art is an interesting blend of figurative and abstract styles, often depicting human subjects and familiar environments but in unconventional ways. Her use of colour is particularly interesting, as she tends to use hues and tones that are more vibrant or saturated than they appear in reality. The result is somewhat surreal, lending her artworks a dreamlike and deeply emotional quality.

Carrie Stanley Smith’s Career

While she was born in Leeds, Carrie received an artistic education at the Lorenzo di Medici art institute in Florence. Since then, she has exhibited her figurative and abstract paintings in group and solo exhibitions, and is currently involved in a mentoring scheme with Turps banana art school.

Recognition and Awards

Carrie’s expressive approach to painting has attracted significant attention, with various publications such as Portraits for NHS Heroes (Bloomsbury Press) and Artit magazines featuring her portraits. In addition, she was long listed for Jackson’s art prize in 2021, an award that aims to champion work from artists in all stages of their careers.

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