Grace Kennison

Grace Kennison is an emerging conceptual artist and painter.
Grace’s illustrative paintings, inspired by feminist discourse, challenge masculine and patriarchal power.
Grace also explores themes of settler-colonialism, indigenous genocide and systemic oppression.

Born in the foothills of Northern Colorado, Grace Kennison, conceptual artist and painter, grew up in the bed of the Rocky Mountains outside of Fort Collins. Grace, whose feminist work troubles the American West’s ideologies of masculine power and white supremacy, lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Grace Kennison’s Education & Practice

In the spring of 2018, Grace graduated with a BFA specialising in drawing from Colorado State University’s Visual Arts Department and has since pursued an independent practice as a painter. Her work, wading somewhere between protest art and conceptualism and often reflective of her personal views, narrates white women suffering in embittered relationships with nature, animal companions, other women, and God. Grace’s colourful and bold paintings jump from caustic and polemic to joyous and uplifting, exploring the many fluctuating attitudes, postures, and symbols of machismo in contemporary life and the imperious history of colonialism.

Exhibitions and Projects

Grace’s vibrant and illustrative works can be found in Colorado State University Permanent Art Collection, Fort Collins, United States. Her works have featured in several online exhibitions of late, including EMIT: From Apathy to Action, Half-Snake Media Online Collection (2021) and Life in a Pressure Cooker, Co-curated with Adam D. Miller, Young Space (Autumn 2020).

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