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      Virginia Bodman

      Virginia Bodman has exhibited extensively across the UK and internationally.
      Virginia has plenty of awards under her belt, including the Rootstein Hopkins Sabbatical Award.
      Virginia has completed residencies in both Rome and Durham.

      British artist Virginia Bodman grew up on a Wiltshire farm and has since lived and worked all over the country, producing mostly abstract art. Virginia tends to work mainly with painting, but is also uses printmaking, video and photography. Her work is characterised by its provocative aesthetic style, with bright colours and ambiguous forms that are designed to spark debate and encourage interest in various social issues. Also fascinated by the history of art and the process of creating paintings, Virginia’s work is a study of the materiality of paint, and many of her oil paintings build up layers of paint to create intriguing forms and surfaces.

      Virginia Bodman’s Artistic Career

      Virginia has had an illustrious career as an artist, beginning with her degree in Fine Art at Birmingham Polytechnic. Since then she has studied at Royal College of Art, developing her unique brand of abstract painting along the way. Virginia has also had residencies at the British School in Rome, Durham Cathedral and Wysing Arts.

      Awards and Exhibitions

      Virginia’s abstract paintings and abstract prints have been exhibited across the UK in both group and solo shows, and you’ll also find her work in permanent collections in the UK, the USA, Australia and Europe. Her work has attracted significant attention over her career, with awards such as the Eastern Artists Prints Prize, a Leverhulme Fellowship and a Rootstein Hopkins Sabbatical Award.

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