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Sound & Vision Drawing Club: Season 2

We are delighted to announce that this October, we will be launching the second season of our online art and music workshop, produced in collaboration with Royal Museums Greenwich, the Sound and Vision Drawing Club.

By Phin Jennings | 08 Sept 2020

We're launching the second season of the Sound and Vision Drawing Club, our online art and music workshop, this October. Keep an eye on our Rise Art Live page and follow us on Eventbrite for more details and to sign up.

In 1951, Robert Rauschenberg created his White Paintings series. It comprises five large works on canvas, each simply painted in a smooth white. In the same year, he met composer John Cage. The following year, Cage premiered 4’33”: a composition whose score contains one instruction for its performers: do not play your instruments.

Rauschenberg’s White Painting [3 Panel] and sheet music for Cage’s 4’33”

To many, art and music come as a pair. They are in a constant creative dialogue, each a clear source of inspiration for the other. Artworks, artefacts, songs and soundscapes are the language of a constant exchange of ideas between their creators. 

The Sound & Vision Drawing club started as a space to explore the relationship between the two, and has since grown into a weekly celebration of captivating artworks and songs.

Created by Brenda Ullrich in response to Sampled Space (Global City Soundscape) by Jaykoe

The sessions started in March as a response to the closure of galleries, museums, clubs and live venues. It offered a way for us to connect with music and art remotely. Each Wednesday evening, participants were invited to create in response to images and music playlists in a fun and supportive environment.

We present artworks and artefacts to attendees, each shown alongside a live broadcast playlist curated specifically in response to it. For the duration of the music, they are invited to study the imagery, listen to the music and form their own creative response.

Created by Deborah Richards in response to Another Bad Night out on Sausage Street by Bruce McLean

“Create” being a deliberately loose term, the Drawing Club moniker quickly became little more than a label for the sessions. We encourage participants to react in their own way, and responses range from painting, sculpture, and collage to writing, music and digital art.

By the time the first season drew to a close in June, we had welcomed guests from all corners of the art world and beyond. Artists Adam Dant and Yannis Davy Guibinga, queer historian Bird la Bird and musician Shunya were among the those shared with us the art and music that inspires or speaks to them.

Created by Claire Russell in response to The Operating Theatre by Rosemary Rutherford

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the second season of the Sound and Vision Drawing Club this October. From the outset, our mission has been to promote curiosity and creativity, above all creating a space for people to join the dialogue between art and music. We can’t wait to get back to doing this with you.

Created by Mariana in response to Moonlight at Giltar Point by Arthur Gilbert



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