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The Pink House: Taking a Tour with Emily Murray

Rise Art discusses art and life with Emily Murray of The Pink House, and she tells us more about her die-hard passion for pink.

By Rise Art | 26 Jun 2017

Some people like pink, others love pink. But Emily Murray takes pink fandom to the next level. We’re talking pink hair, pink furniture, pink wallpaper - and a sensational pink house. The latter is the subject of Emily’s renowned interiors blog.

What tickles Emily pink? Rise Art finds out.



Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I’m the founder and editor of The Pink House, an award-winning interior blog inspiring fabulous family living. Alongside this I work as a freelance lifestyle & interiors journalist for a variety of high end publications. I also write a monthly interiors column for i-on, Scotland’s largest lifestyle magazine.


What inspires you in your work and life?

I get to visit some truly stunning homes as part of my job and I often come away with ideas. Most recently the Edinburgh home of Anna Atwal, owner of PAD Lifestyle boutique, has got me falling in love with fabulous wallpaper all over again. Apart from that, Instagram, Pinterest, brands’ press days and my favourite magazine, Livingetc – they always have incredible homes.



Is art and design important to you and if so, why?

Extremely important. It’s a brilliant way of getting outside yourself; seeing things from other people’s perspectives. And it’s the best way I know of adding your personality to your home.


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What inspired you to start The Pink House?

After having children I was spending much more time at home, and started to miss the beautifully designed bars, restaurants and hotels I used to frequent. That’s when I decided my home would have to pick up the slack when it came to fun, fabulous interiors. The Pink House is about inspiring people to create homes that make them truly happy, despite the kids.


Do you have a favourite artist and/or museum?

I don’t have one favourite artist, but there are many I admire, especially in the genres of urban and pop art, including Dale vN Marshall and Rugman, whose work I have on the walls of The Pink House. I’m drawn to anything that makes a strong statement, vibrant colours – especially hot pink – and typography. My new find is the Go Pop print series by designer Tom Love – he’s used his collection of vintage bottle caps to create fun, bright, fizzy pop art; the bright pink Cherry Coke is my favourite.



How integral do you think art is to interior design?

I’ve planned a number of rooms starting with a beloved piece of art – that’s how my current living room’s colour scheme came about – the blues and greens are taken from the James Hawkins painting which hangs above the mantelpiece. James is an old family friend so the painting reminds me of childhood days spent messing about by the mountains in the north of Scotland.



What's your favourite travel destination?

Cambridge: the most beautiful city in the world – this is where I went to university and met my husband. It’s also where I had my thumb chopped off in a freak punting accident but I prefer not to dwell on that.


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Do you Instagram and/or Pinterest? Who and what do you follow?

Yes – I’m a big fan of both platforms. On Instagram I’m @pinkhouseliving and I find masses of inspiration there. I’m currently crushing on the interiors of @housecurious, @makingspacesnet and @restoringlansdowne. I’m pinkhousepins on Pinterest, which I use to plan spaces and play around with colour schemes.


The Pink House | Guest Curator Collection


All article photography by Susie Lowe


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