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5 Artworks to Give You Festival Fever

Put on your dancing shoes and surrender to festival fever with our top 5 works to take you to the heart of the party.

By Rise Art | 21 Jun 2017

With Coachella in the rearview mirror and Glastonbury having officially kicked off, festival fever is everywhere. We’re donning our metaphorical wellies to join in the hype - and we’re taking you with us. Get into the spirit of summer and let us transport you right to the heart of the party with our top 5 artworks to bring the fiesta home.


Artwork: Misty Mountain, £825

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1 Everyone You Have Ever Met In The Same Place At The Same Time, Benjamin Thomas Taylor


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This work illustrates escapism at its very best. Pop Art and Surrealism (our two favourites of all of the art genres) merge in Benjamin's works, culminating in deliciously trippy works that invite us to cross over from reality into a parallel world full of colour and possibility. Exactly what festivals are all about, right?


2 McQueen Kupa in Mexico, Kirstjana Williams


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If Mexico’s infamous ‘Day of the Dead’ festival is your thing, this piece should be right up your street. A bold juxtaposition of the iconic skull symbol alongside Kristjana’s signature illustrations works to create a daringly dark print that would make anyone stop and stare.


3 Fly High, Martina Niederhauser-Landtwing


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Festivals are the perfect place to pull some shapes and dance like nobody’s watching (even though hundreds are). This effervescent work is full of vigour and sass. It would make the perfect reminder of just how great it feels to let your hair down and don your dancing shoes (or your best wellies).


4 Double Negative (7" Test Press), Jaykoe


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For the musically obsessed, this piece is bang on trend. Vinyl is making a comeback (OK, it sort of has already) so immortalise the movement on your walls with this minimal yet impactful monochrome piece.


5 Girl in Bloom, Ellie Vandoorne


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If you’re going to strut your stuff anywhere, a festival is the place to do it. Flower power will never go out of fashion, and this irresistibly colourful portrait is the perfect piece to hang in your bedroom to remind you - whatever the season - that summer is real and that paradise exists beyond the festival campsite. We'll be honest, we can’t get enough of Ellie’s playful illustrations.


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