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We're very excited to introduce Cordelia Noe as this week's guest curator. Cordelia has spent nearly a decade working alongside artists, art collectors, art fairs, publications and exhibitions internationally. She shared with us some snippets of her life as an art and style expert, and a wish list of Rise Art picks.

By Teddy Hall | 19 Sept 2016

We're very excited to introduce Cordelia Noe as this week's guest curator. Cordelia founded TheArtGorgeous, a blog dedicated to a fusion of all of our favourite things about art and fashion from around the globe (what more could you want?), and more recently Art x Lux, a platform connecting creative collaborators from the worlds of art and luxury lifestyle. Cordelia has spent nearly a decade working alongside artists, art collectors, art fairs, corporate art programmes, publications and exhibitions internationally, from Munich to Hong Kong and beyond. She shares some snippets of her life as an art and style expert, and a wish list of Rise Art picks.


Artwork by Sebastian Neeb


Tell us about you & what you do

I’m CEO/Founder of TheArtGorgeous, a media group introducing the most amazing people that matter in the art world. It’s about making the art world easier and more accessible and digestible, also to an audience that is non-art but interested to know more.

What inspires you in your work and life?

It can be everything: from a city via a random Instagram post to the shape of food! 

Is art & design important to you and why?

Oh absolutely yes. I am a huge fan of vintage design pieces and especially have a love for Italian lamps and armchairs. In art there are many things I fall for. Recently some great photographers (all girls) ;)

Do you have a favourite museum?

The Tate is always a classic but I quite liked the new building for the Kunstmuseum in Basel, especially the marble turquoise bathrooms. Also I love museum island in Berlin - even if it’s very touristy, it’s somehow home.

Do you collect art or anything else? If so what do you collect, and when and how did you start?

Very randomly art and vintage furniture. There is not really an underlying theme - it must give me sleepless nights before acquiring it. It’s always love at first sight.

Where's your favourite place to travel to?

Just last week I came back from Thailand and I absolutely love Bangkok. It’s a mix between tradition and the coolest malls, the amazing spirit of the people and last but not least - Mango sticky rice.

What do you surround yourself with at work or at home?

For working I love a very clean environment with not much more than a glass of water and my Laptop to keep my ideas flowing.

What's your favourite inpso quote?

Stay authentic in whatever you do, follow your own DNA.

Do you Instagram or Pinterest? Who's top of your follow list?

Yes I love Instagram (don’t go for Pinterest) - everything from interior feeds to superfood or art people.

Three people you’d invite to a dinner party? #SquadGoals

A true art gent - Simon dePury, artist and creative genius Adrian Wong, and some girlfriends to have fun with.


Cordelia Noe's Rise Art Favourites

Love is What You Want, Tracey Emin

Her neon signs are so appealing to me and even with the romantic phrases, the neon twist never lets it seem to cheesy or girlish but very powerful.


St Tropez Beach, Tommy Clarke

A perfect summer work to unwind and let happy thoughts arise from. I love how the colours and pattern blend and I immediately have the smell of the ocean and suncream in my nose.


Post-Pop Hamburger, Sarah Staton

The post pop hamburger immediately caught my eye. This funny little sculpture could sit amazingly on the dining table and is a humorous little piece celebrating food and pop art.


Los Gatos de Playa, Michael Tierney

A bit bizarre, a bit pop - quite a work to remember… Definitely a discovery worth keeping and following.


Flower Ball Sexual Flower, Takashi Murakami

Always one of my favourites. Takashi is just a genius and the Flower Balls are a classic already.





Top banner image: Sabine Dehnel

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