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We're thrilled to announce our upcoming live art event at the V&A museum. Rise Art's very own Mat Cahill will spend the day capturing the crowd with his distinctive illustrations, giving you the chance to find yourself amongst the work and purchase one of his original works. Find out more, watch the exclusive video interview & RSVP to the event!

By Rise Art | 01 Sept 2016

Today we’re announcing some very exciting news! On Saturday 17th September Rise Art will be hosting an event live at the Victoria and Albert Museum with our very own Mat Cahill, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the sheer art-fest ahead. The event will take place as part of the London Design Festival and is open for all to attend from 10am to 5pm on the day. Throughout the event Mat, in his captivating style, will create a unique work of art, portraying the individuals who make up London’s design scene, and capturing each visitor’s authentic essence in fleeting moments from behind the scenes. You will be able to see this brilliant installation of live drawing grow and build throughout the day, and afterwards you will have the opportunity to find yourself amongst the work, with individual pieces available to view and buy on Rise Art. Mat’s work focuses on issues of anonymity, individuality and the phenomenon of the crowd, and how that impacts and influences our sense of identity. Find out more about the event over on our Facebook page and RSVP to a wonderful experience in this beautiful, iconic location not to be missed.


In the Studio with Illustrator Mat Cahill

“As a fine artist who is heavily inspired by contemporary design it is a great honour to host an event as part of LDF along with Rise Art, and even more so for it to be held at the V&A. As a child, my parents would say that I had my work displayed in the V&A when they put my drawings on the cork board in the kitchen as their initials are V and A, for Vin and Anne. So to be able to tell them that I going to have an installation there is very emotional.”

“My work captures the fleeting moments of anonymous lives in the world around me, be it on a bus or on a social network. I hope to bring my process into the gallery environment and create a new composition live. The composition will entail capturing the essence of the visitors at LDF, portraying the way they unconsciously present themselves in the fleeting moments that they pass by my existing works.” - Mat Cahill


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